I know this stuff can be overwhelming!

Below you'll find info that might be helpful, but don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.


My goal is to have my art represent the unique individual it is for. I begin by learning about what should be included to make the design feel personal and customized - interests, passions, important places and things. Any images, references, color swatches, that I can work from are always helpful. Next, I spend about 2-3 weeks developing a  sketch in Photoshop that I send for approval. We can make any tweaks or revisions to the sketch and once the final sketch is approved, I paint the design onto 9x12inch archival, water color paper using a calligraphy pen, brushes, India ink and water colors. The painting process takes about a week. Once complete, I scan the painting so that it can be used on stationery or other products and then mail it out. 


A Note About Wedding Designs:

Wedding designs can start with a separate crest or we can dive right into the wedding stationery (save the date, invitation, menu, map etc.). Prices depend on the design work involved. Please just e-mail me. 



Initial design: 

I like to start by creating an initial design that will set the tone for everything else. That initial design could be a crest/emblem, save the date, invitation or whatever you want. To begin, I'll ask you to take a stab at the list of questions below to help narrow down your vision and preferred style for the designs we will develop. Based on your answers, I will begin drawing a sketch of the initial design in Photoshop that I will send to you for approval. We can make any tweaks you want to the sketch. Once the final sketch is approved, I’ll paint the design onto 9x12inch archival, PH neutral watercolor paper with India ink and watercolors. So, you’ll end up with a 9x12inch unframed painting. Next, I’ll scan the painting so we can use the assets to print on stationery. From there, we can move on to creating any other supplementary designs that you may want to develop. 


Questions I like to ask my client in order to get a better vision of what they want in a design:

  • Name and age of the recipient/s

  • What do you want the initial design to be? A crest/emblem, save the date, invitation, etc...

  • Please give me a general description of your vision for this piece, if possible

  • Preferred initials of the recipient/s for use in a monogram - in the order you want the letters

  • How would you describe your style (or the style/theme you want to portray in the design)? Maybe it should feel nautical or flowery, etc.

  • What kinds of animals, things, flowers/plants could I include?

  • Any other meaningful items or references you want to include?

  • What is the color palette for this design? Please feel free to describe a color theme or send images. Otherwise, I’m happy to make it up based on answers to the above. 

  • If there’s anything else you want to include or reference, please just let me know! 


Supplementary designs:

Each item below can be created in addition to the initial design. Here are a few examples, but we can make just about anything you may want to create for the big day!

Announcement / Save the date

Wedding invitation and reply card

Rehearsal dinner invitation

Envelope liner pattern

Ceremony program


Map design 

Whatever you want!


Once designs are complete, I will provide final sized digital files (jpegs and/or PDFs) that can be taken to a printer or used however you like. I usually don’t handle the printing process, but sometime will for an extra fee. The reason I don’t usually handle printing is because I highly recommend that you touch and feel the paper options available to you. Also, there are tons of extra things that can be included in a printing package (such as return addresses printed on every envelope, etc.) so it will be helpful for you to work with someone who can walk you through all the available options. My suggestion is that you find a local printer to work with and meet with them, in person, in order to discuss all of your options. If you have a local printer already lined up, I can easily provide the files they’ll need. The design fees above do not cover printing and materials.


My work looks best when digitally printed on white or cream paper. This is the most common denominator across all printers, so you don’t need to worry about the production getting too complicated! It is also the best option for printing with multiple colors and happens to be the the most budget-friendly option - yay!