My goal is to have my art represent the unique individual it is for. I begin by learning about what should be included to make the design feel personal and customized - interests, passions, important places and things. Any images, references, color swatches, etc. I can work from are always helpful. Next, I spend about 2-3 weeks developing a  sketch in Photoshop that I send for approval. We can make any tweaks or revisions to the sketch and once the final sketch is approved, I paint the design onto 9x12inch archival, water color paper using a calligraphy pen, brushes, India ink and water colors. The painting process takes about a week. Once complete, I scan the painting so that it can be used on stationery or other products and then mail it out. 


A Note About Wedding Designs:

Wedding designs can start with a separate crest or we can dive right into the wedding stationery (save the date, invitation, menu, map etc.). Prices depend on the design work involved. Please just e-mail me.